What We Will Make

You can make the vegan cheese recipes one at a time to include in your regular diet, or you can make all the recipes in preparation for an event.

What We'll Make

If you make one batch of each of the recipes, you’ll make:

  • About one cup of the Creamy Cashew Spread
  • About one cup of the Almond Feta Spread
  • 10-15 Cashew Cheese Balls (or one Cashew Cheese Log)
  • A block of the Baked/Sliceable Almond Feta Cheese
  • A block of the Sliceable Cheese with Camembert Flair
  • 28-32 Burek Rolls
  • 10-12 Cheesy Bites

Having the cheesy baked dishes on the menu has the benefit of creating a mouth-watering aroma in your house.

Vegan wine and cheese from Estees Kitchen.png