What's Inside This Workshop

The workshop includes 6 sections. You can go through the sections in order or you can jump to the recipe you want to make, and get to the rest of the workshop when you want to plan and host an event.

Here are the sections:

  • Welcome to the Workshop. This section which is an introduction.
  • Section 1: Getting Ready to Cook. To start, you need a plan and you need to make sure you have everything you need. This is exactly what we’ll cover in this first module. Luckily, getting ready is super straightforward and we walk through it together using an example menu that you can use as-is for your event.
  • Section 2: In the Kitchen - Making the Cheesy Dishes. This is where we have all the videos of the recipes we make in this workshop including details about storing the cheeses and soaking the almonds and cashews. You can come back to this module whenever you want to make a recipe or you can make all the recipes according to the plan we made in module 1, just like you would have if you were to take this workshop in person or in preparation for an event.
  • Section 3: Entertaining In Style. Now that you have everything you need and know how to make all the dishes, it’s time to add some sparkle and make your event gorgeous. In this module, we go beyond the dishes we learned and add veggies, fruit, nuts and more. We talk about ways to alter the menu so you can host many unique events based on the recipes in this workshop. We also talk about serving suggestions, colors, flowers and more.
  • Section 4: Extras. This module offers extra hand-holding if you need it, just to be sure you make all the recipes the first time you try. Specifically, we talk about the ingredients and the tools used in the workshop.
  • And last, the Printouts Library includes all the printouts (the PDFs) in this workshop collected in one place for easy access.